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D/21, DS 19, DS 21 & ID 19

Citroën DS 19/ID 19

1969 Citroën ID 19 PDF Brochure (13.5 MB)
1963 Citroën DS 19 PDF Brochure (3.2 MB)
1956 Citroën DS 19 PDF Brochure (1.1 MB)

1956 Citroën DS 19
page 3 - 1956 Citroën DS 19 catalogue

Citroën DS 21

1971 Citroën DS 21 PDF Brochure (2.0 MB)
1971 Citroën D/21 Wagon PDF Brochure (45.6 MB)

1971 Citroën DS 21
cover - 1971 Citroën DS 21 catalogue

Citroën Maserati SM

1971 Citroën Maserati SM PDF Brochure (1.3 MB)

Citroën History

Citroën is a French automobile brand, incorporated in 1919. The first Citroën, was the Type A, a lightweight vehicle with a 1.3 liter four cylinder engine.

Michelin took over when Citroën became insolvent when the company overspent on the development of the Traction Avant - a vehicle with unibody stucture; i.e. no seperate frame, four wheel independent suspension and front-wheel drive, all breakthrough developments when the car came on the market in 1934, lasting until 1957.

The 2CV, a small 2-cylinder air cooled vehicle, built to be very inexpensive, was in production from 1948-1990. The DS, another breakthroug vehicle with an advanced aerodynamic body, hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, disc brakes, power steering, power brakes, semi-automatic transmission, was in production from 1955-1975. The Citroën ID 19, was a simplified and less expensive version of the DS. Citroën CX was produced from 1974-1991, SM from 1970-75 and XM, from 1989-2000.

American Chrysler, Italian Fiat, and the French PSA Group (Citroën, DS, Opel, Peugeot & Vauxhall) merged in 2021 to form Stellantis N.V., consisting of the following car brands:

Alfa Romeo   |   Chrysler   |   Citroën   |   Dodge   |   DS   |   Fiat   |   Jeep   |   Lancia   |   Maserati   |   Opel   |   Peugeot   |   Ram   |   Vauxhall

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