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MG Model Range

1975 MG Full Line PDF Brochure (2.5 MB)


1980 MG MGB PDF Brochure (1.5 MB)
1972 MG MGB PDF Brochure (1.5 MB)
1963 MG MGB PDF Brochure (3.1 MB)

1963 MG MGB
page 2 - 1963 MG MGB catalogue


1979 MG Midget PDF Brochure (1.3 MB)
1973 MG Midget PDF Brochure (2.4 MB)


1953 MG TF PDF Brochure (3.1 MB)

1953 MG TF
cover - 1953 MG TF catalogue

MG History

Morris Garages (MG), was started up in the 1920's modifying Morris cars and was owned by the founder of Morris Motors. In 1930, the company was incorporated, then aquired by Morris Motors in 1935. In 1952 MG came under the British Motor Corporation LTD (BMC), in 1968 British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC/British Leyland). In 2006 MG was aquired by Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group.

MG produced MG TA's from 1936, through MG TB, TC, TD to MG TF's in 1955, all small open two-seater sports cars. The T series was suceeded by the MGA, also a small open two-seat sports car, from 1955 to 1962, suceeded by the MGB and MGB/GT, produced from 1962 to 1980.

MG RV8 from 1992-95, MG F from 1995-2011, both small two-seat sports cars. From 2011, MG have been producing electrical, hybrid and petrol CUVs, manufactured in Fujian province, China.

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