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C8 Laviolette SWB, C8 Laviolette GT2R, C8 Laviolette LM85 & C8 Spyder SWB

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Spyker LM85

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2009 Spyker LM85
page 14 & 15 - 2009 Spyker Model Range catalogue - Spyker LM85

Spyker History

Spyker Cars (Spyker) was a Dutch automotive brand, maker of high end sports and luxury vehicles, founded in 1999.

Spyker was originally a former Dutch manufacturer established in 1880, producing horse drawn coaches, automobiles from 1899, and after a merger in 1914, aircraft and aircraft engines during World War I. The original Spyker company ceased to exist in 1925.

The new Spyker company was founded in 1999 and introduced the C8 in 2000, the C12 and D12, a luxury SUV later renamed D8, in 2006, the C12 in 2007, the C8 in 2009 and the B6 in 2013.

Spyker ended operations again in 2021.

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