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Studebaker History

Studebaker Corporation (Studebaker) was an American automotive brand established in 1852 as a blacksmith shop and a builder of farm wagons in Indiana. Studebaker grew into the worlds largest manufacturer of horse drawn carriages and produced them until 1920. Development of self powered vehicles started in 1896.

Studebaker introduced its first automobile, an electric vehicle, in 1902 and gas powered vehicles in 1904.

Studebaker acquired E-M-F Company, the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Detroit in 1910 and Pierce-Arrow in 1928. Studebaker merged with Packard, a maker of luxury vehicles, in 1954, but the Packard brand was ended in 1958.

Raymond Loewy Associates oversaw design from 1936 and the Studebakers of the 1950's became lower than the competing brands. The "Bullet Nose" were introduced in 1950, the Starliner Hardtop in 1952 and the Avanti in 1963.

Studebaker ended production in 1966 and closed down its operation in 1967.

1912 Studebaker E-M-F
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